How Much Do Your Services Cost?

We provide quality legal services at affordable hourly rates, but can also offer flat-fee value billing on some matters. While we don't post rates online, you will find them quite reasonable for our level of experience. We also work with clients to set cost targets, and tell them before budget caps are reached. 

What Sets You Apart?

Our clients say they value our ability to give practical legal advice taking into account real world business perspectives.  We are easy to work with, and help build workable solutions. We want clients to succeed, and know that a one-sized-fits-all approach to the practice of law is not what most businesses are seeking.  As psychologist Abraham Maslow put it, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  We approach every legal problem with a fresh set of eyes.

Both of us began our legal careers in large multi-national firms, and left those firms to work as independent lawyers while founding and running non-legal businesses. This unique mix of legal and business backgrounds provide distinctive real world experience for our clients to draw from.  When we became business owners ourselves, we were surprised to find so few good options between the self-help websites and more expensive larger firms.  We aim to fill this legal services gap by providing high-quality representation at reasonable rates for local business owners.  In addition, our business experience keeps us focused on the voice of the customer - which means our clients are listened to, cared for, and prioritized (which is a unique approach to practicing law).

Can We Get Help Before a Problem Arises?

Our goal is always prevention. There are a number of proactive ways business owners can keep legal budgets down and still mitigate risks. We are often able to make several recommendations to help clients sleep better at night. 

Once I Sign-Up As a Client and Call For Help, What Happens Next?  

Our approach is the legal equivalent of a carpenter’s advice to “measure twice, and cut once."  First, we don't assume the type or amount of legal work required to solve the issue.  Instead, we help clients thoughtfully consider the unique circumstances of each situation.  Talking through an issue helps clarify underlying business goals and identify potential risks.  Once clarity is achieved, the legal work required becomes apparent, and a sound business strategy may even be considered without legal intervention.  If legal help is needed, we discuss a cost estimate and agree on a timeline for deliverables.  Then you get back to work - and hopefully with a lot less worries.

How Easy is it to Get Started?

Very easy! Simply contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.  If it looks like we can help, we'll discuss rates and send you an engagement letter to review and sign.   If you need the attention of a specialist, or if it turns out you don't even have a true legal problem, we are happy to refer you to other resources.

What is it Like to Use Your Services?  

We enjoy the informality we have with clients. Getting good legal help shouldn't slow you down.  Our services are just a call, Skype, email, or text away.  We may not always have an immediate answer, but can usually start looking into an issue while you get back to doing something to make your business successful.  Of course, some clients appreciate when we visit their office and meet the team, and we are happy to do so.

Do You Accept Litigation Matters?  

Mr. Coleman litigates on behalf of companies and individuals, but is very selective about the cases he agrees to handle.  He started as a litigator before focusing on the more proactive legal needs of businesses, so he is able to bring or defend lawsuits in both state and federal court, advocate at mediations, represent clients in arbitrations, and act as settlement counsel.  

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This website advertises professional legal services and is not intended to provide legal advice; we will not have an attorney-client relationship, and we will not take any action on your behalf, until we have established a contractual relationship through a signed attorney engagement agreement; every matter is unique, results cannot be guaranteed, and past performance does not predict future outcomes.

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